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Last year was a tough one for the hotel industry. Fortunately, it seems that routine business operations will resume as the frequency of business and leisure travel increases once more. With that in mind, many hotels have begun renovations and upgrades that have proven popular among guests. Here are some of the most popular hotel design choices of 2021.

Technology Upgrades

Part of adapting to the pandemic in the hospitality industry was making many processes electronic to limit person-to-person interactions. Some of these innovations have proven popular and will likely be implemented in full-service hotels in the future. These include options for virtual check-in and out, as well as being able to control amenities like the thermostat and lights from a phone. Guests, especially those travelling for business, are looking for convenience, which technological upgrades can provide. Many hotels are looking into upgrading their suites and partnering with existing apps to offer services like these.

Personalisation and Comfort

Many trends this year are aimed at offering guests a personalized experience, even if just through a few small touches like amenities and greetings. Customers appreciate the personal attention behind the gesture, and it’s an excellent way to demonstrate that you appreciate their business. Other spaces like lobbies are also being redesigned to exude a feeling of familiarity and comfort. Many hotels are expanding their sitting areas and adding amusements like gaming consoles to make the lobby somewhere that guests can enjoy spending time or conducting meetings.

Eco-Friendly Designs

Many younger travellers are becoming increasingly concerned with the environmental impact of their economic decisions and are looking to patronize businesses that align with their values. This is leading to many hotels seeking out more eco-friendly amenities and options for their rooms, including using more LED lighting and buying furniture and products made from recycled materials. For travellers concerned about the environment, hotels making minor changes to reduce their environmental impact can be the deciding factor in where they spend their money.

While trends are always prone to changing, many of the innovations hotels are incorporating in 2021 will likely be here to stay since they are focused on improving the guest experience; if you are looking to upgrade a full-service hotel soon, consider incorporating some or all of these new ideas to make your business stand out.