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Frank Mountain

Real Estate & Hospitality

About Frank Mountain

Frank Mountain is a leading property development and hotel owner based in Southampton, UK. He is the Founder of Versant Developments and Homes and has amassed over two decades of experience within the residential and commercial property development industry. As an expert in the sector, Frank possesses comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the commercial property market within the United Kingdom. 

Prior to becoming a maverick within the real estate industry, Frank started his career in banking. As a natural progression, he shortly moved his focus to insurance, where he was continuously helping people find funding for properties. After growing his network and successfully negotiating a few deals, Frank decided to venture into the real estate business himself. 

With a particular interest and talent for property development, Frank Mountain loves creating something from nothing. Few things are more rewarding than starting something from scratch to him. Starting with only a swatch of land, he and his company add immense value to it before selling. While dealing with a myriad of property development projects, Frank specialises in speculative residential transactions, as well as shopping centre acquisition and development. His decades in the industry have also made him well-versed in asset management, sale on, and acquisitions.

Frank Mountain and his team at Versant Development have worked diligently to establish a reputation for value, reliability, and quality. His team possesses extensive knowledge and experience, and they strive to be the most dependable development group in the business. Helping them stand out from the competition, the company’s success is due, in part, to his team’s wide-ranging skillsets and commitment to ongoing industry education, the utilisation of strong partnerships within both the residential and commercial real estate sectors, their project implementation plans, and their long-lasting relationships contractors and sub-contractors. 

In more recent years, Versant has ventured into the hospitality industry. In 2018, the company acquired the Wiltshire-based Bishopstrow Hotel & Spa, a well-known and prestigious four-star hotel. Frank Mountain had visited the hotel years prior to purchasing it and fell in love with the character and setting. Upon purchase, he implemented plans to ensure the welfare of the hotel’s current staff, as well as redevelop aspects of the property such as the rooms, spa, fireplace, and bar area. 

For more information on Frank Mountain and his expertise and insight into real estate and hospitality, be sure to visit his blog.